A Teacher's Guide to Creating a Word Conscious Classroom

The Whimsical Word Collector

Are you looking for a new read aloud book to add to your first week of school collection? Look no further! The beloved Peter H. Reynolds has written yet another delightful and empowering book.¬†Reynolds makes it so easy to promote... Continue Reading →

Making Our Word Wall Come Alive

Happy June my teacher friends! It's time to think outside the box and plan some fun and engaging activities. Did you know that vocabulary and technology can be integrated together? I've got the perfect project for you! At this point... Continue Reading →

Giving the Gift of Words

There is no gift more meaningful than rich vocabulary. No matter what words you decide to focus on in your classroom, it will help your students to strengthen their reading, writing and conversations.¬†As we approach the end of January, it's... Continue Reading →

Every Day is a Good Day for Word Learning!

Many of us are headed back to school this week, hopefully rested and ready for another great year of teaching. Have you thought about a plan for your vocabulary curriculum? It's not too late to implement some new systems in... Continue Reading →

Say Hello to the Virtual Word Web

As the school year goes on I find that I have to work harder and harder to keep kids engaged in each daily lesson. Honestly, who can blame them? Once the spring flowers blossom, and the birds start chirping, I'm... Continue Reading →

Connecting with Characters

Who doesn't love a good picture book? As an adult reading picture books is still one of my favorite hobbies. The illustrations are always so beautiful, and you can teach a variety of advanced reading skills just in 32 pages!... Continue Reading →

Word Conscious Economists

As elementary school teachers every minute of the school day is precious. We have so many standards to meet from September to June. Any chance we get it's important to combine literacy learning into the content areas of social studies... Continue Reading →

Teaching Election Buzz Words

Many teachers this fall have expressed how nervous they were to talk about the election in their classrooms. This October in particular it seemed overwhelming to teach kids about the election process without diving in to our own opinions about... Continue Reading →

Know They are Always Listening

As teachers we spend hours each week attempting to plan engaging lessons that every child in our class will learn something from. We try our best to reach the minds of students achieving on all levels of the spectrum. Of... Continue Reading →

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