Character Trait Words of the Week

There is no gift more meaningful than rich vocabulary. No matter what words you decide to focus on in your classroom, it will help your students to strengthen their reading, writing and conversations. It’s time to buckle back down and think about your vocabulary curriculum.

Have students made progress since September? Are they remembering the words that you taught in fall? If you have a good thing going, and just need some new and fresh ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

If you haven’t started yet, it’s never too late. Check out my Words To Teach and Daily Vocab Activities page to get ideas for some introductory lessons! Or, maybe you need some great picture books to kick off your vocabulary instruction? Check out my Connecting with Characters post.

Get started today!

Here are three Tier II vocabulary words with matching interactive read alouds and printable activities to help you start on a strong note!


Picture book used to introduce the word ‘inspired’: Trombone Shorty by Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews

Image result for trombone shorty book


Picture book used to introduce the word ‘apprehensive’: Yard Sale by Eve Bunting

Image result for yard sale book


Picture book used to introduce the vocabulary word ‘gregarious’:

A Home for Bird by Philip C. Stead

Image result for a home for bird book

Ready to go? Here are some free printable resources:

Header Attribute Photo:

“Hands” by Greyerbaby is licensed under CC-BY. Retrieved from

Published by Liz Siracusa (Vocabulicious)

* Elementary Educator * Instructional Literacy Coach * Vocabulary Lover * The history behind Vocabulicious is simple - I love to help students growth their vocabulary, and I want to help YOU make your classroom a word conscious environment. I’m excited to share all of the vocabulary activities I have had success with throughout the years, plus great mentor texts to use for interactive read alouds. I live in Burlington, Vermont and enjoy hiking, biking and running!

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