Growth Mindset Vocabulary

Beginning a new school year always comes with mixed feelings. It is exciting to start a new year, with a fresh group of young minds in front of us. However, the start of the school means creating new routines, and fostering a community where students feel safe and comfortable.

A few years ago I had the opportunity of working with another Vermont teacher and thought leader, Christine Hertz. We were both presenting at the Vermont Reads Summer Institute and I attended her workshop. Christine had just published a  fantastic book focused on Growth Mindset, called A Mindset for Learning: Teaching the Traits of Joyful, Independent Growth.

In this text, her and her colleague Kristine Mraz focus on the idea that when we as humans are in a safe and comfortable environment, there is always room to grow. Even when we are experienced at something – such as reading – we can always learn more and improve on our current skills. In my classroom I always explain to students how it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s important to use these mistakes as a learning opportunity.

This got me thinking – these are going to be the first five vocabulary words I teach every school year. I will focus on one word per week, creating specific activities to help build word knowledge, community and independence. I will read aloud different picture books that incorporate each stance and help students to see these traits in action.

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