Say Hello to the Virtual Word Web

No matter what learning model you’re in these days, we’ve all started transitioning our paper graphic organizers to some type of digital activity for students. In the future when introducing a new vocabulary word, try ditching the paper word web and go digital! I promise it’s worth it!

I’ve pulled together a list of the best sites that offer virtual word webs for FREE. Talk about easy, one stop shopping! Each of these resources provides: definition(s), examples, synonyms and most importantly connections to other words that you can use for extension activities.

Along with being visually and cognitively engaging, these tools are also easy to use and accessible to all. Students at all reading levels and English language learners now have a scaffolded dictionary right at their fingertips.

I know what you’re thinking … “how do I know for sure that only looking at a word web online is going to support my students learning our new vocabulary words?” I promise, I’ve done a lot of research themed around how to make vocabulary words stick, and a tried and true strategy is to use visual aids to support word learning – pictures, drawings, symbols, graphic organizers, etc.

Although visual aids are a great way to help engage students in vocabulary learning, we all know that the act of recording your findings also helps each word stick in their busy little brains. So, if you want to extend the virtual word web, hold students accountable for their vocabulary learning, and have them record the new word web they discovered, I’ve created 3 resources for your classroom!

  • 5 Word Web Graphic Organizers
  • 2 Blank Word Web Templates
  • All pages available in color and black & white
  • 2 simple notebook pages
  • Great way to keep track of new words
  • All pages available in color and black & white

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Digital Vocabulary Notebook Preview

Best Sites to Build Virtual Word Webs

  • Visuwords : This site is visually engaging, offering the different meanings and parts of speech of each word. Visuwords also includes connections to similar concepts.

  • Lexipedia: This is a multi-lingual interactive word web, it offers kid friendly definitions, and sentence examples. In addition, this site explains each meaning of the word, including the different parts of speech. The definitions and webs offered are thorough and in depth.

  • Visual Thesaurus: “Making the white space talk.” This site is very straight forward, giving students a “Thinkmap” of great synonyms and example sentences. It is extremely user friendly for printing as well. The print option gives a lot of information on each word – great for accommodating students when writing about the word of the week in their Vocabulary Notebook.
Extension: When you print the Visual Thesaurus web, it creates a digital organizer that is any ELA teacher’s dream!

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Published by Liz Siracusa (Vocabulicious)

* Elementary Educator * Instructional Literacy Coach * Vocabulary Lover * The history behind Vocabulicious is simple - I love to help students growth their vocabulary, and I want to help YOU make your classroom a word conscious environment. I’m excited to share all of the vocabulary activities I have had success with throughout the years, plus great mentor texts to use for interactive read alouds. I live in Burlington, Vermont and enjoy hiking, biking and running!

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