Quick, Easy and Fun Alliteration Activity

Kids these days are motivated by 3 things: food, money and free time. Actually, aren’t we all? 😉 Teaching Figurative Language can be challenging and take a lot of prep. I’ve developed a quick, easy and fun alliteration activity that will have everyone smiling and learning in no time. Plus, it’s themed around food, so it’s guaranteed to be a hit!

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Typically, I love to use this easy and fun alliteration activity at the beginning of the school year. It’s a great way to quickly get our classroom walls and hallways full of bright and creative projects within the first two weeks of school. However, it is a great lesson for any time of year! It will only take 30-40 minutes and each student will leave with an incredible ice cream cone to hang on the wall or take home (a paper cone, not a real one — sorry kiddos!).

This alliteration activity blends two of my top passions, my love of words and my favorite thing on the planet – a cone of delicious ice cream. This is officially a Vocabulicious activity.

The poem Bleezer’s Ice Cream by Jack Prelutsky is the perfect way to introduce alliterations and have a smile on everyone’s face instantly. In this poem, Bleezer, the ice cream shop owner, shares all of the flavors they sell. Prelutsky crafts the perfect poem of playful words and creative combinations.

First, introduce the concept of alliteration to your students.

Use the free poster in my Alliteration Activity Pack to share the meaning and examples of different alliterations.

Then, share the 5 minute video below, which teaches the concept and provides examples of alliterations that we see everyday, such as: Coca Cola, Dunkin Donuts and Best Buy.

Remember: Alliterations don’t only add catchy lines to your writing, but they can also provide imagery for the reader.

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Next, share the poem!

I would suggest reading it aloud to students all the way through the very first time, because it’s a lot to take in!

Then, explain that we are going to be compiling our very own dream ice cream cone using whimsical words and creative flavors.

Also consider playing this video to share the poem again!

Lastly, read the poem again!

Read/play aloud the poem again, this time pausing every few flavors to discuss which phrases are alliterations. Along the way, students can use the Brainstorming Sheet in my Alliteration Activity pack to jot down some creative words they want to add to their cone.

Suggest that students can use some of Prelutsky’s terminology, but not his exact word combinations. The whole point of the activity is to scoop yourself an original cone to enjoy! I recommend requiring at least 2 of the 5 flavors on the cone to be alliterations.

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Time to build your Incredible Ice Cream Cone!

Click here for a great example cone from a fellow Art Teacher & Blogger, Creative Curriculum.

Using the Brainstorming Sheet, students can neatly copy over their ice cream flavors onto the Incredible Ice Cream Cone final draft paper (also included in the full activity pack).

Then, they can color and decorate each scoop to match their fancy flavors!

Share your flavors!

Who doesn’t love to talk about ice cream? Once everyone is done building their cone, I like to have students share at least two of the flavors they “scooped” today. It is amazing what they come up with!

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I hope this is an easy way to celebrate fun wordsmith-ing and dream about Vocabulicious ice cream flavors! I invite you to share your favorite Vocabulicious flavors in the comments below!

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