Digital and Interactive Vocabulary Notebooks

One of my very first free resource giveaways on Vocabulicious was themed around interactive vocabulary notebooks. For many years, I used these in my classroom to keep students’ word learning organized and promote repeated engagement with the vocabulary words we learned together as a class. These notebooks were tried and true learning tools and could be modified for students at various reading levels. Plus, they were great portfolio items at the end of the school year to show off each students’ personalized word learning. Here is one sample of the interactive notebooks I created and implemented:

Paper Interactive Vocab NB – Pg 1
Paper Interactive Vocab NB – Pg 1
Paper Interactive Vocab NB – Pg 2

Although I am a huge fan of interactive notebooks, a downfall is the amount of prep it takes to setup ~25 notebooks each month. Plus, the amount of paper you have to print and then glue into each notebook is the opposite of environmentally friendly and efficient. Even with a good little team of helpers, it took a lot of work to plan ahead and setup each notebook for future word learning.

Fast forward to 2020, we were all forced to adjust our teaching models and transition our materials to all things digital. Thus, I created digital vocabulary notebooks which require NO printing or gluing (you’re welcome!). Plus, I could now embed instructional videos and tools into each resource. Honestly, I should have thought of idea this years ago.

That being said, it’s essential that our classroom conversations about words are still happening regularly – no matter where learning is occurring these days. These digital notebooks are not meant to replace opportunities to ‘Think-Pair-Share’ about the word of the week or tell a personal story/connection to the class. These tools are meant to enhance students’ independent practice of new words, so they can use this vocabulary in future conversations – both academic and with their peers.

Keep it simple. Keep it consistent. Keep it relevant.

Research shows that students retain and develop a deep understanding of new vocabulary words when they can systematically organize new information and relate a new word to those they already know. Teaching word meanings in a way that feels relevant and useful to students is our express ticket to vocabulary success.

Repeated exposure to words in meaningful contexts is essential. Plus, engaging in discourse with their peers related to each new word is 10x more effective than copying down definitions and repeatedly practicing flashcards.

How do we help students engage in these meaningful conversations?

We model,

We promote authentic talk,

We listen,


We all talk some more.

Low Investment, High Return

Using a digital vocabulary notebook is an easy way to help students stay organized and gives them a place to keep a running record of words you learn together. In addition, make your classroom word learning more personalized by encouraging students to keep track of challenging words they come across in their independent reading. Make sure to provide opportunities for students to process this new definition, provide an example sentence, synonyms, antonyms and a picture representation.

Here are various digital vocabulary notebooks I’ve created and would love to share with you. Each resource link below offers free access from my Teacher’s Pay Teachers Shop!

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Free, Digital Vocabulary Notebook Templates

Template 1: Class & Independent Digital Vocabulary Notebook
  • Plug in your own vocabulary words & customize for your classroom
  • Collect & practice words from independent reading
  • Record & research words from the classroom word wall
  • Slides include suggested reference sites for building virtual word webs and finding student friendly definitions and examples

*Preview Here*

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Template 2: Digital Vocabulary Notebook Template for Character Trait Words
  • Plug in your own character trait vocabulary word & customize for your classroom
  • 5 activities all themed around the same 1 word
  • Final activity is a writing opportunity themed around the word of the week
  • Introductory slide has space to embed an instructional video (can easily remove if needed)

*Preview Here*

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Free, Digital Vocabulary Notebooks Themed Around Specific Character Trait Words

*Vocabulary words already plugged in & instructional videos included – NO Prep needed!*

I hope you are able to implement these free resources into your vocabulary curriculum! Please share any other ideas themed around digital vocabulary notebooks in the comments below.

Happy Word Learning!

Published by Liz Siracusa (Vocabulicious)

* Elementary Educator * Instructional Literacy Coach * Vocabulary Lover * The history behind Vocabulicious is simple - I love to help students growth their vocabulary, and I want to help YOU make your classroom a word conscious environment. I’m excited to share all of the vocabulary activities I have had success with throughout the years, plus great mentor texts to use for interactive read alouds. I live in Burlington, Vermont and enjoy hiking, biking and running!

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